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Santa Claus: St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Sinter Klass, The Holly King, King of Waning Year/Europe, Turkey, Western Asia. A one-of-a-kind
portly faery, who wears a red or green suit and keeps a sprig of holly in his hat. His is always shown smiling nad jolly, and is benevolent, especially to children.

The Seelie Court: The Blessed Ones, the Sluagh/Scotland. The court of air and above ground trooping faeries, that are considered benevolent to humans.

Shopiltties: Sea Horses/The Shetland and Ornkey Islands. Playful little water horses who were friendly with both sailors and humans along the sea shore.

Snow Faeries: Frost Fearies, Winter Faeries, Jack Frost, the Frost King, Old Man Winter, Snow Queen, Father Frost/Europe, Asia. They are seasonal faeries
varying in appearance and sex nad number, depending on the region. Their single purpose is to bring winter to the world.

Succubi and Incubi/Middle East, India, the Orient. The succubi are female faeries that sexually attack human males; the incubi are male faeries that sexually attack
human females. They see humans as their perverse toys.