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The Paian/Scandinavia. The dwarf faery congress of Scandinavia.

Phookas: Kornbockes, Bookhas, Bwcas, Pwcas/Ireland, Wales, Scandinavia. Creatures whose heads resemble human males and bodies of horses. They can fly
limited distances, although they have no wings. They are trooping faeries who run in unruly packs; they love wreaking havoc and will go out of their to do so to
crops and children.

Pillywiggins: Flower Faeries, Spring Faeries/England, Wales. Small, playful creatures who resemble Pixies, whose soul purpose is to tend to the spring flowers.

Pixies: Grigs, Dusters, Piskies, Pisgies, Pechts, Pech, Picker/Scotland, England, Cornwall. A small winged creature with a head slightly larger in proportion than
the rest of their body, pointed ears and noses, and arched eyebrows. They are generally friendly, but extremely capricious and prankish.