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The Lady of the Lake/Wales. Part of the Arthurian mythology; her arm holding the legendary sword Excalibur is the mostfrequent sighting by humans. She resides
in Dosemary Pool, a lake in Cornwall.

Leanansidhe(lan-awn-shee)/Isle of Man. She is a beautiful vampire faery. It is believed she gives inspiration to poets in exchange for their lives or entrapment to
her. It is also believed that instead of drinking the blood she steals, she pours it into a cauldron in which keeps her young and beautiful.

Leprechauns: The Gentry, Sheedem, Shedim/Ireland, Europe. A solitary male faery and a trickster who loves to play pranks on the humans he encounters. They
wear fine green clothing and tri-corner hats. They are quick-witted (when sober), mischievious, but are helpful to humans when approached respectfully by
humans. They are also believed to hoard a majikal pot of gold.

The Lorelei(Lore-ah-lie): Mary Player, Merewipers, Meerweibers, Sirens, Harfues/Germany, England. She is a beautiful young woman faery who sits atop a cliff
and sings luring sailors to their death in the rocks below.