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Gancanagh(Gon-cawn-ah): Ganconer/Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall. A male faery who materializes in isolated places and tries to seduce human females, who
eventually will die for love of him.

Gandharvas/India. They are small faeries who live underground and possess great musical talents.

Giants and Ogres/Worldwide. Giants appear exactly as humans only much larger. Ogres are roughly the same size as humans, but have deformed faces, excessive
hair and occasionally a hump on their back. The ogre's temperment is generally unfriendly and oafish, where a giant is six one way a half dozen the other.

Gitto: Griffith, Griffin, Gryphon, Geetoe/Wales. They possess the heads of horses, the bodies of goats, and they have human speech and laughter. They also have
wings, but can only fly short distances. They blight crops, and claim leftovers from the harvest after sundown of Samhain(sow-in)

Gnomes: Erdmanleins, Heinzemannchens, Nissen, Nisse, Nains, Tontti, Foddenskkmaend, Gnom, Djude, Mano, Kabouter, Skritek, Kleinmannekin, Domovoi
Djendoes/Europe. They are both male and female, child and adult dwarf faeries who seem quite old for they mature quickly, but have long life spans. They are 12"
tall and where old-fashioned peasant clothing, are kind-hearted and are always willing to aid sick and or frightened animals.

Gremlin: Gremblens, Gremlers, Sky Boogies, Widgets, Fifenellas/Germany, England. Creatures that once were able to fly, but oddly now cannot; they range in
size from near human height to the very small. They are hairy all over and brownish in color; the have wild, malicious grins, and stubby ears like a terriers. They
are very strong and can tear through metal without strain. They have no need for food, water or air; or at least can go for long periods of time without. They tend
to live in high altitudes and despise human flight.

Guriuz(Goor-ee-use)/Italy. Italian elves that bring the desired weather to Italian farmers, although they have not been seen in many years.

Gwrageth Annwn(Gwar-geth Ai-noon)/Wales. They are beautiful blonde water faeries who love children and aid mothers, children and the poor.