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Dinnshenchas/Ireland: Dwarf female faeries who serve the Irish Goddess Aine(goddess of cattle, and protection of women), who shapeshift into various forms to
avenge women harmed by men. They also guard cattle.

Drakes/England. Benevolent housespirits who bless the hearth and keep the fire wood dry in exchange for living in a home. They have never been known to react
illy to human mistreatment.

Dryads:Tree Spirits, Tree Ladies, Druidesses, Hamadryads, Sidhe Draoi/all Celtic Countries. Capricious tree spirits that are androgynous, although referred to as
female. They are generally seen as wisps of light. Their favorite tree is the willow, but live in all of the 13 Sacred Trees of the Druids. They are open to human
contact, but it's rarely clear whether they're being helpful, playful, or teasing.

Dybbuk/Israel. Sexless spirits that invade human bodies and cause mmischief and evil.