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Ankou: Death, Grim Reaper, Father Time/Cornwall, Brittany, Wales. Personification of Death who comes to collect souls of deceased humans. He is a male in a
dark cowl and cloak; to see his face would be to die.

Anthropophagi/England. A headless cannibal, whose brain is believed to be near the reproductive organs. Their eyes lay in their shoulders, their mouth in the
center of their chest. They lack noses which is beneficial to their diet of human flesh; However, they only kill humans when hungry. Most famed from William
Shakespeare's plays "Merry Wives of Windsor" and "Othello."

Asrais: Water Lovers, Ashrays/Scotland. Water faeries who appear as male and females twenty-something in age. They have pale, translucent bodies and have
often been mistaken as sea ghosts. They cannot live on land.